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Our 6-Week Mindfulness Program

If you live with chronic pain, illness or a stress-related medical condition, you may be interested in learning skills that will help you to help yourself. Our 6-Week Mindfulness Program offers you instruction in mindfulness meditation, mindful eating and a range of strategies to manage stress and physical symptoms.

Instructor Daniel Cerny

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This 6-week program is designed to complement your medical care.

After the program you will have:

  •  Effective ways to manage stress, pain and illness


  •  A better understanding of how to eat well and mindfully to promote wellbeing


  • The skills to practically apply mindfulness to daily life situations


  • Learnt how to mindfully respond to an active mind lost in worries and fear


  • Lasting decrease in negative thinking patterns, anxiety, depression and irritability


  • Lasting decrease in physical symptoms of a range of chronic health problems (including chronic pain)


This Mindfulness Program is appropriate for individuals with a variety of medical conditions such as:


        Anxiety                                                                                                   Cancer

        Fatigue                                                                                                    Headache

        Insomnia                                                                                                 Neurological disorders

        Arthritis                                                                                                  Chronic pain

        Fibromyalgia                                                                                         Heart disease

        Multiple sclerosis                                                                                 Rheumatological conditions

        Back pain                                                                                               Cumulative trauma 

       Gastrointestinal distress                                                                    Disorder    

       Muscle disorders                                                                                  Hypertension     



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